3 Big Things We Can Expect in WordPress in Near Future

WordPress is an open source blogging tool and a content management system which is based on MySQL and PHP. It offers the best template system and plugin architecture. Being used by more than 23% of the top 10 million websites, it is termed as the most popular content management system. According to some sources, this popular CMS is going to see three big changes in the recent future.

Here are those three big things that we could expect in WordPress:

WordPress to have dependency management

  • Dependency manager is a tool which resolves and manages the dependencies required by a library. WordPress certainly needs a kind of dependency management as we have seen several other fragments of PHP community using dependency managers.
  • If WordPress adopts a dependency manager, there will be a huge opportunity for making WordPress specific plugins for all the existing PHP libraries. If it happens, we would see several plugins (at least hundreds) being just the WordPress wrappers.
  • So the WordPress developers will also have to deal with some kind of frontend dependency manager as a lot of things will be revolutionized on the front end side.

WordPress will just be a backend

  • Yes! IF the sources are to be believed, the most popular WordPress CMS will no longer be used in frontend development. With WP REST API in the core, WordPress will essentially be a backend and the themes will be based on JavaScript while the plugins stay mainly on PHP.
  • So, if you are a theme developer under WordPress, In future, probably you’ll not be a WordPress developer anymore but you will just be a theme developer.

WordPress will become more decoupled

  • As the result of all the above mentioned points, WordPress gets more decoupled and obviously the biggest cut will be between the backend (plugins and dashboard) and frontend (themes). It’s very easy to imagine that, with the adoption of Composer, the core will become more decoupled just like how the Laravel framework is split up into the Illuminate packages.
  • So, if you are a WordPress plugin developer, you can continue writing the old PHP codes; you don’t have to jump straight into NodeJS. But if you are a theme developer, you may have to keep an eye on what those guys are up to.
  • If WordPress becomes more decoupled, you will also be able to pick the particulars you need by skipping the rest. If you want something different, most likely you will be able to find an existing PHP package to get that job done.

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