Develop a Surpassing Android App Using DrupalGap

Drupal is an amazing tool which empowers you to create compelling enterprise class websites and web portals. As mobile applications have to fulfill the demands for content, it is so vital to recognize the best way to present content on mobile devices. Sometimes it could be a tough decision. But now using Drupal, mobile app development has become easier and less confusing.

DrupalGap is an open source mobile app development kit which can be used for Drupal sites. Kit uses Drupal, jDrupal, PhoneGap and jQuery mobile. With this app development kit, a developer can easily build and customize a multi-platform Drupal mobile app which communicates with its websites. Such apps can be easily installed on iOS and Android mobile devices. Once installed, the app can easily interact with the site enabled with DrupalGap.

Building a native mobile application using DrupalGap offers two benefits – distribution through mobile app stores and access to native functionality.The main advantage offered by a native app is the ability to use the features that are intrinsic to mobile operating system. Such native apps can be seamlessly set up to cache data locally so that the apps work effectively even when the device is out of range.

Here are the three major components included in DrupalGap kit:

  1. DrupalGap Module: This module helps you set up a secure and reliable connection between a Drupal website and mobile app. It basically uses data source modules which facilitate seamless interaction via JSON.
  2. DrupalGap mobile app development kit: It enables custom multi-platform mobile app development. JQuery Mobile is used for creating user interface for mobile apps and PhoneGap assists in compiling the developed app.
  3. DrupalGap web app development kit: One can also develop web applications using DrupalGap using this kit.

Step-by-step guide to develop android mobile app using DrupalGap:

Step 1: Configure a Drupal website

For creating an Android mobile app using DrupalGap, the first important thing needed is an active site running on the latest Drupal version. Those who already have an amazing website powered by Drupal, they can directly move on to the next step.

Step 2: Enable DrupalGap module

By doing this, you are ensuring a convenient interaction between the Drupal-powered website and mobile app.

Step 3: Set up the environment for mobile app development

After enabling DrupalGap module, you need to set up the mobile app development environment which supports the execution of DrupalGap. The environment which is set could be same as that possessed by PhoneGap.

Step 4: Congrats, the required mobile app is developed

Now the app is ready for execution. Run the application to assure its consistent performance over mobile devices. If it runs without any hiatus, publish the app in the intended app store. Develop apps for both iOS and Android devices to have wider audience as these are the two premier mobile platforms admired by the bulk of population.

Advantages of using a Drupal mobile application:

  1. Developed administrator controls: It offers you the control to set up a new account and administer it completely.
  2. Dynamic designs: It entails some of the distinct templates and themes which are easy to use.
  3. Multi featured with excellent option to create content: Users are allowed to add different modules like blogs, videos, podcasts and polls in their blogs with Drupal CMS.
  4. Easy management: It lets you manage and categorize the posts easily by creating custom lists and more.

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