How to Make the 7 Overlooked Pages in Magento Work for You?

Magento is an open source eCommerce podium that in addition to having rich features, gives matchless flexibility to manage the content, functionality and looks of their eCommerce store. In addition, it gives an unprompted administration interface that incorporates search engine optimization, strong marketing and catalogue-management tools so as to grant merchants to power to build sites tailored as per their distinctive business needs.

One more advantage of picking Magento as your eCommerce podium is that it gives companies the crucial eCommerce solution by prudent a powerful blend of highly scalable design and a wide support  network. Considering the amazing advantages Magento eCommerce podium has been providing, it has included to its repute as being one of the most consistent amongst online shopping cart website owners bearing mind the ROI it makes.

There are ample features and options when working in Magento. Sadly, that also means the potential for many pages that can be simply missed. The good news is, if you consider the pages, and what they give, you can truly improve the customer experience.

Below are 7 frequently forgotten pages in Magento, and how to make the most of their potential.

1. Empty Shopping cart

Shopping cart is a great place to put something appealing or funny and direct customers to browse for products. It can make them feel like they found out something cool about your site instead of feeling like they did something erroneous.

2. Forgot Password

Nobody like to employ the Forgot Password tool, it’s kind of humiliating. There has been a style where websites attempt to understand with this feeling by posting statements like “That’s OK, we all do it!” or “Oooops!” on the Forgot Password workflow. Who likes to be identified for forgetfulness? With all the gossip about password security it’s surprising that this is not the top visited page on your website. As an option, why not attempt a cleverer tactic. Keep it easy; don’t spot your forgetful user’s misplacement of their password. In its place open up the space for showing your LOYAL customer what they will have access to once they rearrange or retrieve their password or if they will keep on to an in-browser password reset plan.

3. My Account Dashboard

This is an additional page that users get themselves landing on from time-to-time. Nothing seems poorer than entering a well-designed site after building an “inside-access account” just to land on the “unfinished basement” that is the Empty My Account Dashboard. It does not take much endeavor to put aimed marketing content in the space that will soon exhibit the customer’s “Recent Orders”. Or attach a banner below the Address Book that notifies the patrons how quick and simple check-out is when they have saved addresses.

4. Order Success Page

This is a thrilling moment! A simple plain page that says “Order is Successful, your order number is XX” does not do justice to it. This is probably the MOST projected page in the eCommerce workflow. It indicates the successful transfer of safe credit card information. If the experience was secure and pleasant this is possibly the best place to develop your return customer-base and show aimed marketing content. Outside of your email marketing drives this could be your final chance to lure customers to return client base and show targeted marketing content. Outside of your email marketing drives this could be your final chance to lure customers to return in the future to buy cross-selling or other products they took a look at.

5. Tracking Information pop-up window

Yes this is present in Magento. But it’s not very appealing. If you ship your goofs by means of UPS, USPS and give Package Tracking, this is a great place to bring in some additional respect from your frequent customers. Show tracking details through shipping Service APIs so they don’t need to copy and paste the 19 digit tracking number or handle the non-chic design of the UPS website.

6. Public Wish-list page

If you persuade your customers to “save”, “like” or however you define including products to their wish-list, their Wish-list can be shared by means of email. Then acquaintances can come to your store screening only the products their friends “liked” or “wished for”. This is the ideal page to promote sales, show off features product lines or even give exclusive coupon codes to patrons who enter your site this way.

7. You Are Now Logged Out

This is an unexciting page and it only turns up for 5 seconds. This could be the most futile page in all of Magento, or a cool hidden fortune. Post links to hidden pages or endorsements to last-minute-sale products here. “Click here in the next 5 seconds to obtain 10% of your next purchase!” can surely catch the eye of someone logging out. It won’t have the biggest audience in the world, but it pays for another economical chance to show up in the crowd and bond with your audience in an exclusive way.

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