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Scrutinizing the Security and Privacy Settings of Your Website

23 October 2015

Boston: Your website is your storefront, brand and the first place of contact for customers. If it is not safe and secure, it’s more likely for your business relationships to be compromised. The threats might come from anywhere in any form - infecting the site with malware to spread malware to the visitors, acquiring customer information like names, email id’s, stealing credit card information and other transaction information, infecting, hijacking and also making the website to crash.

What is Google’s Take on BLE Beacon Development?

5 August 2015

Boston: Google seems to be tossing a new set of features to help developers in building apps using beacon technology. The new features include an open format for BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacons to communicate with the devices. This open format is a way for developers to add data to the apps and Google services. It is also a way to handle a group of beacons efficiently. Google calls this new open format as Eddystone.

Why Google designed Eddystone?

4 Tips That Help Developers To Choose An Ideal CMS

19 June 2015

Boston: Generally, the developers will have their own thoughts on building a website and making it helpful for the users. These days, the developers are making their move towards the content management systems because of the ease of use. But with the plenty of CMSs available, they are worried about the CMS to choose. So as a developer, what should you mainly look for while picking a CMS?

Here are a few tips that could help the developers to choose an ideal CMS:

Deep Linking will have A Great Impact on Your Website’s SEO

30 March 2015

Boston: Deep link is a hypertext link to a particular page on a website other than the home page. The word ‘deep’ refers to the depth of the page in the site’s hierarchical structure. Any page below the top page in the hierarchy will be considered deep. The technology behind HTTP and World Wide Web doesn’t make any distinction between the deep links and any other links; all the links are functionally equal.

Backdrop: An Excellent CMS That Works Same as D7!

2 March 2015

Boston: Web users are pretty much excited about the release of Drupal 8. Drupal 8 is a super slick platform with full of frameworks and object oriented coolness. A lot of people have put their time in understanding how to do things on Drupal 7. And hence we know that the idea of doing things on Drupal 8 will certainly be a little dismaying. This is where the Backdrop comes into picture; it aims to serve developers and the end users who want to continue doing things in the same way as Drupal 7 (not falling behind the curve of new technology).


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