Deep Linking will have A Great Impact on Your Website’s SEO

30 March 2015

Boston: Deep link is a hypertext link to a particular page on a website other than the home page. The word ‘deep’ refers to the depth of the page in the site’s hierarchical structure. Any page below the top page in the hierarchy will be considered deep. The technology behind HTTP and World Wide Web doesn’t make any distinction between the deep links and any other links; all the links are functionally equal.

But seeing with reference to mobile applications, deep linking uses a uniform resource identifier (URI) which will be linked to a specific location within the app. The URI required to trigger the application varies according to the type of the mobile device. It seems to be a bit different from web where the technology of URLs and HTTP allows deep linking by default. Just like URL is an address for a website, URI is an address for an app on the mobile device.

Deep linking impacting on website’s SEO:

But now, the recent changes on deep linking which have been made by Google could impact on the way the people find content on your website. The update is mainly focused on how mobile friendly your website is. As many people are using mobile devices to access internet, Google has decided to change the algorithms in order to meet mobile usage pattern.

For instance, the recent changes include Google’s view on how a website is configured for viewing modern devices; this made it easier for the users to find mobile friendly web pages. Google has also been using app indexing which makes the websites with deep links to Android applications appearing in Google search results.

As said above, Google has modified its platform with the following changes:

1. Search yields the result of more mobile-friendly websites:

Google is planning to expand its use of mobile friendliness as a ranking signal in the very near future. This affects the mobile searches in all the languages across the globe and will have a significant impact on the search results. So, in order to keep your website ranking high, make sure that you have met Google’s requirement for being a mobile friendly site. To know more about these requirements, view Google’s guide on mobile friendly site.

2. More accurate app content in search results:

Now, Google has started to use the information from indexed Android apps as a ranking factor for signed-in users who have an app installed on their device. This makes the content from indexed apps feature more prominently in search results. To know more about app indexing, just go through the guideline offered by Google on their developer site.

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