Exciting updates on Android and Apple

7 November 2014

Boston: Android and iOS operating systems are getting much closer than ever before, so there are many correlations to discuss in addition to the differences between the two rival operating systems. Apple and Google have recently unveiled their upcoming mobile operating system updates which are set to be released shortly. Google is offering Android Lollipop and Apple is coming with iOS 8.

Comparison between Android L and iOS 8:


  • The design of iOS 8 has mostly remained the same as iOS 7 had brought the major design changes.
  • But, Android has introduced a new 'Material Design' look for Android, which has also been presented for developers’ use. Android L is set to bring more depth to the appearance of OS using shadows.


  • In Android L, you'll be offered with enhanced notification settings. You'll get them on the lock screen, and they'll be automatically arranged according to the priority. You can swipe them away if you want to discard or double tap to open the notification.
  • Similarly, notifications have improved on iOS 8 too. They have become more interactive, so that you can accept calendar invitations, reply to text messages and even Like Facebook statuses you're tagged in without even having to leave the app that you are currently using.


  • Android L takes multi-tasking to a new extent for its users. Now, opened apps will be displayed as cards in a carousel which can be flowed through just by sliding up or down on the screen. You can close the app by sliding the card to left or right.
  • Multi-tasking in iOS 7 was pretty good already, but Apple has taken it a step further by adding recent and favorite contacts to the screen. If you double click the home button, the contacts appear in a list at the top which allows you to quickly call or text that person.


  • Google has established a new personal unlocking feature that enables users to unlock their smartphone or tablet without having to enter their passcode, but only if they are closer enough to a device such as Android Wear smartwatch.
  • Apple has come up with a Touch ID fingerprint sensor, that is built-in to the home button of iPhone 5S. In iOS 7, Users were just able to unlock their device or use it instead of entering Apple ID details. But in iOS 8, it is unlatched up to third-party developers, so that the users are allowed to access other apps like banking applications using fingerprint.
  • But the new security features of Android L and iOS 8 won't be available to everybody. You won't be able to use them If you don't have an iPhone 5S or an Android wear smartwatch.

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