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Revolution of PHP 7: Usage of Return Types and Removal of Artifacts

28 January 2015

Boston: As the date for PHP 7’s release is approaching rapidly, the group is working really hard to fix certain issues by removing the artifacts and adding some features. There are several RFCs on which we can discuss and study a lot more. But here, we are just concentrating on the three main points mentioned below.

Exciting updates on Android and Apple

7 November 2014

Boston: Android and iOS operating systems are getting much closer than ever before, so there are many correlations to discuss in addition to the differences between the two rival operating systems. Apple and Google have recently unveiled their upcoming mobile operating system updates which are set to be released shortly. Google is offering Android Lollipop and Apple is coming with iOS 8.

Comparison between Android L and iOS 8:


Asahi technologies Declares CiviCRM Customization and Development Services for Businesses

15 April 2014

Primarily a Constituent Relationship Management tool, CiviCRM is a web-based, internationalized tool intended specially to meet the requirements of advocacy, non-profit and NGOs. Quickly grown as a CRM solution of choice, CiviCRM gives feature rich tools to aid organizations record information and handle people and organizations to maintain complete information in a single database, creating competence and opportunities for nonprofits to communicate well with their constituents.

New SEO System for Real Estate Investors now Obtainable in Select Markets

15 April 2014

Clearwater FL media firm ARME releases a new county based system offering SEO for real estate investors in selected cities. The system is based on their very popular web development toolkit platform and is now able to zero on in particular counties and neighborhoods.

Needly Debuts a WordPress plus Photoshop plus Google Reader Hybrid

15 April 2014

After appearing to a private audience at South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW) Los Angeles-based WYSIWYG social Web publishing platform Needly is pulling back the curtain and launching to the public today. The common idea is to let anyone, regardless of technical ability to create any website from scratch using drag and drop tools. Besides, this design and publishing functionality, the platform also takes in social following of other content creators – inside and outside the Needly network – and a RSS-baser reader solution.


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